Sugar mommas might be old but believe me or not they still have their desires. Being old doesn’t make them any less their young counterparts. Nowadays as much as old are looking for young men young people also are interested in them. Sugar mommas are women usually in the age bracket of 35 to 50s. They are independent, knowledgeable, and wealthy and are flexible about dating younger men.


Most women are identifying themselves as sugar mommas because of the modern day’s women have a different attitude. There also increased in social acceptance people of all ages are attracted to different age groups example young ladies getting attracted to older men and old mature, wealthy women are drawn, by young men. Nevertheless, it is hard for a sugar momma to meet a young man in day to day social activities that why there is an increased sugar momma’s we site they offer a better avenue for sugar mommas to find a good young man.

Some of the reasons why sugar mommas are dating young men are:

1) They are young, handsome and active they are not worried about weight; therefore, performance is perfect.

2)young people are energetic than senior men they can spend a whole day hiking running up and down and still have the energy in the evening for a date. Sugar mommas want young babies as they call them who can be with them when they need them.

3) Having a young man nowadays is a status symbol for a woman; she wants people to know that she is doing well and that she is attracting all men including young men. It is also good for her self-esteem to know someone admires her and look up to her.

sugar mommas

5) Most women feel when having a young man she is helping him make his way to a better life because most sugar mommas look for jobless young men she feels she is contributing to him.

6)Mostly these senior women are busy people, so they don’t have time to commit themselves to a man the relationship with the young is usually made clear in the beginning, so both of them know what they want.

7) She already has what a woman would want in life, so the only thing she wants is companion and love, and most young men are usually ready for them.

8) Mostly older people will talk about their career, businesses, their children, etc. and sugar mommas are tired of discussing one thing all the time. Therefore sugar mommas dating a young men is more interesting he will talk about the latest trends his dreams and adventures this make sugar momma feel young again.

Most women are all over the internet in this sugar mommas dating sites since that where they can get young men willing to be with them Since even young babies are there looking for them. And you will find them in clubs having fun everybody have come into terms.

Demi Moore loves to keep a sexy stud with her

Nowadays, the world is full of strong, independent and mature women who create their own rules and build themselves up with wealth and financial stability. Most of these women are single by choice, widowers and just plainly having fun. These women are result of having high standards or pain. But what is great about them, is they all are focused and knows what they want.

How Older women Date?

These women, either, try to find love or have sexy fun. Women of this category usually find their mates from going out in clubs, in the workplaces or in sugar mommas dating website.

Going out in clubs is not just for young, and hungry ladies in the age of twenties, but also for the more mature, beautifully experienced women. They also find romance in the workplace very thrilling, since it is prohibited. Of course, dating, even for older women, doesn’t stop with physical flirting; they also try online dating. There are even several online dating websites that are exclusively for them like the sugar momma dating sites.

Demi Moore and why she dates younger men

Women of experience are also common in the Show Business. One of the famous celebrity cougar is Demi Moore, though she might be known to be that lady who just doesn’t learn her lessons in relationships. With having 3 ex-spouses and a whole lot of flirting, she can definitely be a classic example of an experienced woman.

It is quite questionable how an established woman like Demi Moore ends up with younger men. When younger men are known to talk about nothing but sports, trends and other shallow thoughts; they won’t even know how to take care of a child, cook a meal for their own, or even just to sustain a relevant conversation. It may be generalizing, since not all younger men are like this, but most of them are just like what is described.

Demi Moore’s past relationship does not just include younger men but older men too, though most of them are younger.

Since she has everything she needs, it’s pretty easy to think about why she dates younger men. Some say that after Ashton Kutcher (an ex-husband), she started dating younger men just to show him his loss.

But to think deeper onto Demi Moore’s situation, dating younger men is really a convenience. These men, safe to say, obviously are the one approaching her first. When you think of it and put yourself into her shoes, it’s hard to resist when men are the one approaching first. And even more irresistible, when they are almost half your age. It is very flattering for a woman to get attention from younger men. It basically feeds the woman’s ego and really satisfying that you can say that you are in line with younger people.

It’s even more challenging for experienced sugar mommas when she can control and build up a boy and make a man out of him. Though it might be a risk for older women to get romantically involved with younger men, since they can just skip away after they are built or when they experience mid-life crisis, leaving heartbreaks for the older women. And maybe that is why Demi Moore keeps on dating one after the other right away.

In this trending world every thing changes even in  dating niche also, age gap relationship has been a trending segment either sugar daddy dating or sugar momma dating these two dating niche has been a trend this depends on the individual and their desire to date the different age groups due to they might find lacking in love and sex in the same age group.


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